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A look at Century,
the Hotelier for Central-Southern Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus, Central Asia, Morocco, West Africa and beyond!


Century Hotels Group is a Vienna-based white label hotel operator, a start-up division of HAM - Hotels Asset Management. We solely focus on the management of hotels and resorts in Central & Southern Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Caucasus, Central Asia and Iran, where we have gained specialised local expertise as hotel advisors and asset managers since 1995.

The hospitality industry in CEE/SEE/CIS/CCA is on the rise. Economic growth coupled with developing tourism destinations will attract more and more tourists from both the leisure and business segments. Century Hotels Group aims to take on the challenge of fulfilling different expectations in the region by bringing in new standards and combining international and authentic, local hospitality.


Our team has worked around the world and gained immense experience in various departments from hotel management through asset management all the way to marketing, sales and finance. We felt that it is time to combine this experience and use it to bring an authentic hospitality service into the CEE/SEE/CIS/CCA regions.


Partners and Brands

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An unrivaled portfolio of international and independent hotel brands in our region.

Brand Development

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We create Independent Branding if appropriate and take over exiting soft branded and franchised hotels.

Our Philosophy

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We use interdisciplinary approaches in order to achieve the full picture.